• Software

    We design, develop and deploy software to make your vision and strategy a reality

    Oil and gas

    Pipeline and truck scheduling

    We have designed and deployed for a customer a solution to plan the crude blending, batching and transportation through pipelines and trucks to refineries and ports.


    Generation schedules and transportation

    We have designed for a partner company a solution to schedule the generation of energy and its transportation in a network.

    Public transportation

    Schedule and operation of subway lines

    We have designed and deployed for a customer a solution to help a subway operator generate schedules and dimension the workforce needed to operate the subway lines.


    Scheduling and routing​

    We have designed for a partner company a solution to help trucking companies generate schedules and routes for their operations.


    Workforce dimensioning and scheduling

    We have designed and deployed for a customer a solution that helps a large retailer dimension his workforce and schedule his employees


    Warehouse picking and employee scheduling

    We have designed for a partner company a solution to help warehouses dimension their workforce needs for the picking process.


    Plant Manufacturing

    We have designed for a customer a solution to help plants schedule their manufacturing processes and control their inventory levels

  • Consulting

    We help you identify the gaps in your operations and the technologies that will fix them

    Identify issues in your organisation

    We extract and clean data, define KPIs, estimate parameters, review processes and analyze your operations until we find the root causes of your problems.

    Simulate and quantify improvements

    We model and simulate your organisation before and after the suggested changes are made. This allows you to estimate profitability and make a case for stakeholders to approve the project.

  • Training

    Optimization modeling and training for your R&D team

    IBM Cplex

    Linear and Quadratic programming

    We have a long experience in linear modeling for network design, inventory, packing, time-tabling, unit-commitment and many other problems.

    IBM CP Optimizer

    Constraint programming

    We have a long experience in scheduling and routing problems.

    Local Solver

    Local search

    We are quite new users of Local Solver but feel free to contact us if you have any problem.

    Advanced techniques

    Decompositions and hierarchical models

    Column generation, Benders decomposition, staged models, bi-level optimization, stochastic or scenario-based robust optimization.

  • Brochures

    Whitepapers and documents

    Transportation of oil in a pipeline network

    Production planning and scheduling

    Routing and scheduling

    Supply Chain Planning in the beverage industry and the problem of floods

  • Our partners

    and resellers


    Prescriptive analytics

    IBM prescriptive analytics solutions provide organizations in commerce, financial services, healthcare, government and other highly data-intensive industries with a way to analyze data and transform it into recommended actions almost instantaneously.

    Opta LP (France)

    Diagnosis, simulation and optimization

    Opta-lp provides solutions for the optimization of logistics, production and resources : diagnosis, simulation, optimization studies and software. Opta-lp experts will provide the best solution to your needs.

    Smart BP (Colombia)

    Advanced analytics

    SmartBP helps you implement advanced analytics in your decision making processes. It offers mathematical optimization solutions that add value to your company from data analysis to reports and optimized action plans.

    Multitudine (Chile)

    Consulting, hardware and software services

    Multitudine provides consulting services, hardware, software and training for public or private companies in Chile.